Creating Relevant Consumer Brands and Products

Brand Strategy

Brand love results only when you listen, understand, and respond in a positive manner. I have developed a process to accomplish this.


Observation of desired, but often unarticulated outcomes, reveals opportunities for winning consumer propositions.

Global Experience

I have designed and managed projects on five continents, including vibrant emerging and developing markets such as China, India, Brazil, Mexico and Turkey.


I utilize techniqes inspired by anthropology, to reveal in-context human insight. I apply custom processes to develop culturally relevant response systems for brand and product development. Using Semiotics, Ethnography, Projective and Intuitive Ideation and other advanced techniques which provide you with empathic consumer perspective and frameworks for brand positioning and design of identity, product, retail, and communications.



"I have had the pleasure of working with Rich as an innovation partner in 2009/10. His vast experience and unique perspective was invaluable to our team as it not only challenged existing paradigms, but led to the start of tangible projects that will soon enter commercialization. I would highly recommend Rich to anyone looking for someone to help shake up an industry in need of change."

- Ray Dudenhoeffer, The Coca-Cola Company